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Luxury is in the details. Fashion outfits come and go, a piece that you pick to wear now maybe seems irrelevant in the next season. Been there,done that,right?

Stylish women tend to “play” with their outfits and choose fast fashion or all time classic clothes and invest on timeless jewels to earn this extra style points. They know better!

A statement gold ring, with or without precious stones, with a timeless design , is all you need to feel confident about your look.

We have picked five “one of a kind” rings to choose from :

1.Turquoise ring in 18 karat yellow gold

Turquoise ring in 18 karat yellow gold

 If summer had a color,that it would be it. A beautiful, flawless, turquoise stone combined perfectly with a yellow gold band. The color of the Greek sky was our inspiration and lead us to create the perfect prop for your summer photos and memories.

2. 3.09 ct Emerald Pear – Yellow Diamonds

3.09 ct Emerald Pear – Yellow Diamonds

Now this is the ultimate investment for endless style. Let us wow you with this amazing emerald pear gold ring, decorated with yellow diamonds. We chose a pear shaped vivid green emerald of 3.09 carats and two fancy yellow heart shape yellow diamonds of 0.74 carats to curate this masterpiece.

3.  Tsavorite Eternity ring

Tsavorite Eternity ring

The ring stack game is still on! Combine the Emerald Pear ring with this fabulous tsavorite ring in bright green. Did you know that tsavorite is roughly 200 times more rare than emerald and it offers a more brilliant sparkle due to a higher refractive index?Now you know, now you have to get your hands on it!

4. Ruby pave ring

Ruby pave ring

 Simulated ruby stones with their deep, elegant color, will be the final touch to your looks. Wear it alone or under another pave ring ,all year long!

5. Round Byzantine Ring

Round Byzantine Ring

Last but not least, let us introduce you to this byzantine gold plated ring, with a smattering of gemstones. With high attention to detail and a bold, beautiful design, this ring will always mentally take you back to Greece and make you smile.

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